Your military child needs an education binder. Here's why.

We know - it's only February. Not exactly a crucial time to think ahead to next school year, or even to the end of this one...

...unless you know you are PCSing.

If you are, you already know that it'll take a lot of prep work. Whether you currently have hard orders or not, it's never too late to prepare for your next PCS move - something military families are quite used to. Having children in school adds another, completely separate list of "To-Do's" to your plate, including the following (in no particular order):

  • Gather your child's important personal documents like birth certificates and health records.
  • Gather records and results from any counseling services or special programs.
  • Gather and organize your new school's information - school calendars, enrollment requirements, etc.
  • Request school records from your child's current or former school, such as their cumulative record* and report cards.
  • Make sure to have originals & copies of all other documents like records of volunteer work, formal essays and/or projects, and awards or recognitions.

*Note that only the copy mailed between schools is the official one.

This is not at all an exhaustive list, and it's already a lot to track! Nothing can be more frustrating than spending your time and energy during a hectic PCS season on preparations, only to find that you missed something. Forgot something. Didn't know you even needed something.

That's where our Education Binder sets save the day. 

With them, you don't need to run your mind ragged trying to figure out and track what's required. We've compiled all the information you'll need for a smooth and successful transfer of your child (or children) to their new school. No uncertainty, no insecurity, no back-and-forth email chains with the school. Simply complete the information in your 8-tab Education Binder and voilà! All done. Rest easy. Watch some Netflix.

And not only are our binder sets very durable, but they come in several kid-approved designs (yes, even for your teenage boys). Education Binder sets are meant for one child each, for PCS moves at any time of the year, and can even be completed by older children themselves, helping them learn to take ownership of their own educational history and growth.

So shop now! Get started on your child's Education Binder, gathering what information you can at the moment and building from there. And don't be surprised when you receive compliments and relieved smiles from school admin and teachers. Please let us know when that happens via a comment below or in a product review! We love to hear your PCS move success stories.

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