Welcome 2022! Here's what's in store.

Another year down - we can hardly believe it. Many parts of this year looked eerily like 2020, but others were welcome changes - the biggest for us being a PCS move to South Korea! This military move, followed quickly by the the holidays, meant that we didn't spend as much time as we normally do here on the blog. But that's about to change! While we believe in the importance of rest and time with loved ones, we're excited to be back on the "social media saddle" and show you exactly what you can expect from List & File in 2022:

TWO brand new organization products. More specifically, one for servicemembers (yay!) and one for PCS moves. Both have been a long time in the making and we are SO excited to finally offer them. Wondering what the difference is between our current Life Binders and the upcoming PCS product? Stay tuned for an upcoming blog post that explains the differences and why we made them.

Fresh Life Binder collection designs. As usual, we'll be launching more collections of our customer favorite Life Binders. Expect more of what you've come to love about them - gorgeous designs, thorough and user-friendly lists, and premium, long-lasting cardstock. Plus, mark your calendars - the Spring/Summer 2022 Life Binder Collection is set to launch this coming March just in time for PCS season!

More free organization printables. Have you purchased a binder set from us since our launch? If so, you also received our free printable PDF* packed with checklists, plans, and other resources to help customize your binder and organize your family even further. More free resources are coming, so be sure to join our email list!  *PDF sent automatically to customers who accept List & File email marketing.

More authentic & consistent content. Connecting with our amazing community is obviously the most important things we can do as a small business. In the past our outreach on social media has been intermittent, but we've made plans to change that. We've given ourselves grace, but we're improving our efforts and promise more consistent and face-to-face content in 2022!

New #milsoowned partnerships. We've met some amazing self-made milsos and connected with fantastic companies since our launch in 2019. We can't wait to join hands with more of you in 2022 to serve and support our military communities, with more business (and non-profit) cooperation and partnerships on the agenda. Would you like to connect? Please contact us to explore the possibilities!

Thank you for following along with us. We are so grateful for the support and growth we experienced in 2021, and are looking forward to a bright and healthy new year full of growth. Hope to see you there!

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