Fall/Winter 2021 Life Binder Collection coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Milso blue shirt working on PCS binder set

Q. Do you offer bulk or custom orders?

YES! Subject to existing inventory, bulk orders can be placed through our website to purchase current designs, or via our Bulk Order Form. Please email info@listandfile.com with "BULK ORDER" in the subject line to request the order form, or with any questions.

Send "CUSTOM ORDER" to info@listandfile.com to request our Custom Order Form and to discuss your order needs. Standard turnaround for custom orders is 5-6 weeks, although expedited orders may be accommodated.

Wholesale pricing is currently not available. Bulk or custom orders of 50+ sets may be eligible for discounted pricing; see details here.

Q. What kinds of files can I track with a List & File binder set?

Each List & File binder set comes with twelve divider tabs that track files in the following categories:

Identity                 Vehicles
Health                   Contact Info
Housing                Emergency
In Transit              Deployment
Legal                      Education
Finance                 Pets

Over 40 "essential" files are pre-printed on every binder set, and each customer receives an "Additional Suggestions List" with over 60 more file recommendations to help you customize your set.

Q. I already have checklists that I like to use. Can your binder sets work with those?

Absolutely! Our binder sets are general & flexible enough to work with any of your existing favorites. For example, if you already have a favorite PCS move "To-Do by Month" list, add it under the "In Transit" tab! Same with an "Expenses" log or "For Donation" list - our binder sets can incorporate them all. 

Q. Are these binder sets printables?

List & File binder sets are NOT printables, which is what makes them so unique and reliable! When you purchase a binder set, you are purchasing a physical product of twelve 9.5x11" divider tabs which will arrive by mail. Our newest binder sets (SS21) are made with heavy Lynx mylar-reinforced non-gloss cardstock. Simply put, this means they are heavy-duty, no-bleed, no-tear, and completely editable - ready for all the PCS moves or day-to-day use you throw at them.