Preparedness and YOU: What it provides, and what it doesn't

It seems the world always has something going on, doesn't it? Whether minor or major, life has problems galore, and military families especially are acutely aware of this fact. National and international events often have a direct effect on us, and sometimes much more immediately than on our civilian counterparts. So what's to be done? Is there really any way to minimize our struggle being "blown about" by the winds of the world and the often unpredictable needs of the military?

"If ye are prepared ye shall not fear." -Doctrine and Covenants 38:30

While we believe this scripture ultimately refers to one's spiritual situation, we believe God also meant it temporally. It can apply to just about every life situation. But first, here's what this principle does NOT mean:

- If we prepared for a situation (e.g. a sudden deployment) we won't still worry for our loved ones. Of course we will.

- If we're feeling worried, that means we didn't do enough. Most of the time we're doing the best we can, and that IS enough.

- We will always have plenty of time to prepare. Heaven knows THAT isn't always true in life, and especially in the military. Which is why it's best to start now.

- Preparation prevents scary situations. In many instances it does, but in others it can only minimize them.

But to the extent that we are mentally, emotionally, and physically able to prepare, we should. Not only for the obvious benefits, but for its most powerful one: freedom. Get your Powers of Attorney in place for the freedom to act for each other. Get your will in place for freedom from legal battles during an already difficult time. Keep track of your financial documents for freedom from costly errors. Gather emergency documents for the freedom of greater confidence and peace of mind during a crisis.

We are here to help. Whether or not you've ever purchased something from us, we will give you the support and advice you need to get organized and prepare yourselves during this difficult time. You have a community of support - don't hesitate to reach out.

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