the first of their kind

List & File Binder Inserts

The simplicity of tabbed dividers meets military life.

We created the first ever file-organizing product for military families. Our customizable binder inserts track your family's crucial paperwork for years, while giving you detailed guidance & encouragement along the way.

With organizing help for servicemembers, school-age milkids, PCS moves, and simple daily life, you'll have confidence & peace of mind no matter where military life takes you.


The beginning

list & file is born

In 2015, while at her first SFRG meeting, new Army spouse Elizabeth Cook had the sudden idea to make a better "PCS binder" template - one that was ultra-detailed, easy to update, and beautiful. It wasn't until 2019 that she built up a business plan - and the courage - to make it happen.

the first two years

waves of challenge

It wasn't easy. In addition to the common challenges of entrepreneurship, Liz quickly faced her spouse's second deployment, a new baby, an overseas PCS move, and a pandemic within her first 2 years of business - the time in which roughly 1/3 of all new small businesses fail.

looking forward to

good things ahead

But military spouses and families are resilient. Through it all, List & File not only endured but grew! We are so grateful for the tremendous support we received during those early years, and look forward to continuing our support of the military community.

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