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Are you a social media influencer with quality content who would love to be more organized? Want to receive our binder sets for free? (Yep!) Our Photography Exchange is the perfect thing for you.

Our goal? To empower and show real military families organizing with our binder sets.

It's simple - receive your favorite binder set for FREE in exchange for just five photos of you using it. That's it! Exchange participation is not guaranteed and is scheduled based on content needs. For more details or to be considered for the program, please contact us or email with the subject header "Photography Exchange".

list & File partner

the unquiet professional

THE UNQUIET PROFESSIONAL (TUP) was established in 2013 by Gold Star Spouse Krista S. Anderson and friend Andrea Rinaldi, after Krista's husband - SSG Michael H. Simpson, a Green Beret - passed away in the line of duty in Afghanistan.

After the military community's invaluable support of Krista and her family during this difficult time, Krista immediately resolved to give back. Since its first days, non-profit TUP has increased awareness of not only the nation's Gold Star and Surviving Families and Veterans, but of all who serve and their families. They've launched several successful programs and awareness initiatives that recognize and support the grieving, wounded, and active military community. They also offer direct resources, referrals to other organizations, and provide immediate needs in the aftermath of loss.

List & File is honored to partner with The Unquiet Professional, providing organization and preparedness seminars to hundreds of military spouses and families every year. Join our efforts to raise awareness, provide reliable resources, and honor those who gave their all.

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