Organizing for a new baby

For military families, being organized is especially important when expecting a new baby. Not only do you need to prepare for the arrival of your child, but you also have the added stress of frequent moves and deployments (or other time separated from your partner). Here are some ways that file organization with our Daily Binders can help military families when they're expecting (or have already had!) a new baby:

  1. Keep track of medical records: Because we are constantly moving, deploying, etc., it can be difficult to keep track of medical records for both the parents and the baby. Keeping all medical records organized and in one place will ensure that you have easy access to them whenever you need them. This also prevents complete loss of information if the normal, electronic copies of your child's records are lost or accidentally deleted (this happens!)

  2. Organize identification documents: When expecting a new baby, you'll be collecting several new identifying documents - especially if you have a baby overseas. This can include things like birth certificates, social security cards, passports, and insurance information. Having all of these documents organized and easily accessible will make the transition to parenthood (or just more experienced parenthood) smoother.

  3. Plan for deployments: For most of us, deployments are a reality. When expecting a new baby, it's important to plan ahead for these days apart and make sure that your partner's absence will not cause unnecessary stress. This can include making arrangements for childcare, setting up a support network, and making sure that medical and legal documents (wills, powers of attorney, etc.), for example, are up-to-date and easily accessible.

  4. Prepare for PCS moves: Are you PCSing soon? Frequent moves can be especially challenging for #milfams, especially when expecting a new baby. To make the process at least *little* smoother, it's important to get organized and prepare well in advance. This can mean creating a packing list, creating an inventory of household goods, establishing a moving budget, and much more. Add a new baby to the mix, and you're now managing additional ID paperwork, budget and travel needs, more medical records, etc. 

File organization is important for military families in general. But organizing when expecting a new baby (or as soon as possible after your little one has arrived!) will help increase your confidence and peace of mind. So, take some time to get organized and plan ahead, and you'll be well on your way to a successful and happy new chapter in you & your little's life.

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