Looking at an OCONUS move? Here are the files you'll need.

CONGRATULATIONS! You got orders to an exotic overseas location! Of course, your new OCONUS base may not actually be exotic or technically "overseas" (like Alaska or Hawaii) but one thing is true regardless: the more organized you are, the better your experience will be - at least what YOU can control!

Although OCONUS locations are generally handled by the military (no DITY or PPM moves overseas!) it is still incredibly important for you to be organized during the process, and maybe even moreso than if you were moving to a CONUS location. Living overseas presents additional logistical challenges and requirements, so make it easier on yourself! Here's a list of documents to give you a great start:

* Please note that the specific requirements may vary depending on your branch of service and the location of the overseas base.

  1. Passport: A valid passport is required for all military personnel and their dependents when traveling overseas. Check your passport expiration date or start the application/renewal process IMMEDIATELY!

  2. Visa: Depending on the country you are moving to, a visa may be required for military personnel and their dependents. The specific requirements for obtaining a visa will vary depending on the country.

  3. Military orders: You will need a copy of your military orders authorizing you to move (make sure any dependent and EFMP information is correct!)

  4. Medical records: You will need to provide copies of your medical records, including immunization records, to the new base medical facility.

  5. Housing application: You may need to complete a housing application to request on-base housing or to apply for an off-base housing allowance.

  6. Power of Attorney: You may want to consider granting a power of attorney to your spouse or someone you trust who can handle your legal affairs back at home while you are overseas.

  7. Vehicle registration and insurance: If you plan on shipping a vehicle overseas, you will need to provide proof of registration and insurance, as well as obtain VPC (Vehicle Processing Center) paperwork. You may also be required to get an additional driver's license for driving in a new country.

  8. School records: If you have school-aged children, you may need to provide copies of their school records, including transcripts and immunization records. Our Education Binders will help you gather everything you'll need.

  9. Pet documents: If you plan on bringing pets overseas, you will need to provide copies of their vaccination records and obtain any necessary travel permits.

Again, this is a very general list, not comprehensive, and the specific requirements may vary depending on your circumstances and the location of your next assignment. It is always best to check with your unit for a comprehensive list of required documents before your move. Our Daily Binders already list the majority of necessary paperwork but leave room for customization when you need it.

Good luck and safe travels on your next adventure!

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