The Career Binder 411

Our Career Binder (a.k.a "Career Inserts," "Love Me Binder", or "Brag Book") was developed especially for servicemembers to track and organize their important career documents. It highlights and organizes their accomplishments and history in the U.S. military, while acting as a critical backup of their records. 

"My husband has been mixed up with another guy with the same name and rank more times than we can count. They’ve also just lost his medical records for awhile."

"It's especially fun when there's literally no way for them to get a copy of something down range, so then nobody sees it ever again!"

"I have talked to so many vets who tossed their stuff and [are] now scrambling for copies. Worse when working with a widow and there is no DD-214 to be found."

-Real comments, courtesy of Instagram @ashgutermuth

YES, the government already keeps electronic records of most of these documents, and there are usually no problems with the system. But *usually* doesn't cut it when dealing with important career information, which directly affects and informs things like promotion and retirement points, service history record, medical assistance, etc. Ask any seasoned spouse, SM, or veteran's group, and you'll get plenty of record failure stories ranging from the inconvenient to the nightmarish. Our motto, as usual, is this - keep a physical copy (or two or three) of everything

Here's how the Career Binder can give you peace of mind:

- Over 20 files are pre-printed for you, determined "essential" by experienced active duty servicemembers from all branches, each with at least decade of experience. 

- Eight tab categories. We carefully organized the essential files into broader, intuitive categories. Each tab has, as always, plenty of room for customization.

- Space for 6 rank changes. This covers the average military time in service of just under 15 years across all branches, plus 1 or 2 more for good measure.

- Extra guidance included - know exactly what files you should have, and where to put them! Our signature Quick Guide and Additional Suggestions List are included with the Career Binder inserts, to help you easily complete and customize. 

- Clean, professional design. The inserts are of both high quality print and high quality content. Keep them at home as your own personal record, or bring to work when needed. 

You'll never regret having an extra copy of your career documentation. The Career Binder will give you confidence and peace of mind that no record failure will upset a promotion, misrepresent a medical situation, delay separation, or anything else! Take a look at the Career Binder details and its four color options here.

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