The top 4 benefits of organizing for military families

If Pinterest and Marie Kondo haven't already convinced you of the benefits (and beauty!) of organization, we've got a few more reasons for you.

Military life is often a last-minute, spur-the-moment whirlwind of change (and not because of anything we've done!) We're all doing our best to handle and organize surprises and disappointments as best we can. Nothing in your home actually needs to look like Pinterest perfection. BUT, if you make time to organize the small but impactful things like a Military Life binder, only good things come as a result:

1. Confidence

Ever met someone who was prepared for something? A test, an interview, a presentation, a challenge? Prepared people exude confidence. By organizing your PCS or Life binder with us, you'll find your confidence - in home management, military life management, or adulting in general - is kicked up a notch. And why shouldn't it be? You just streamlined your entire office! 

2. Peace of mind

"Luck favors the prepared", as the saying goes, and we've seen it. Nothing throws gas on the panicky flame of sudden plan changes like disorganization. Don't give yourself more reasons to be stressed ("Wait, where's the PoA? I thought we had one!" "I put the weight tickets on the table - they should be there!") Organize your way to a calmer, cooler, more collected you who can answer simply "It's in the binder."

3. Readiness

It can be argued that a complete and up-to-date PCS or Life binder improves the readiness of a servicemember and his or her family. Many of the files you keep in your binder have a direct and immediate effect on the ability of your military family to respond quickly and effectively to change and challenge. Make sure your important paperwork is complete, present, and easily found - all things easily accomplished with your List & File binder set.

4. Cleanliness

If nothing else, we will help you clean! Get those files off your kitchen counter, tables, away from the floor and out of those random office stacks. Our binder sets provide a purposeful and specific place for dozens of critical files, and the act of cleaning contributes to lower stress levels and improved mental balance (it's proven!) Goodbye clutter and chaos. Hello clean!

5. -BONUS BENEFIT!- Resilience

Alright, we'll add one more. Resilience is a person's ability to withstand or recover from difficult situations. When your logistical "lifelines" are in place (e.g. powers of attorney, financial records, wills, emergency communication plan, etc.), a serious challenge is often reduced to simply an inconvenience. You are better able to "bounce back" from difficulties and in a better place to support those around you through similar situations.


Start shopping now to get these benefits in your life via one (or several) of our military life binders. 

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