3 surprise reasons why you should organize with List & File

Choosing our binder sets to organize your family's files is already a great idea - they are easy to use, durable, detailed, and gorgeous. But do you know about the other great perks? Here are three lesser-known but awesome reasons to choose List & File as your go-to filing system.

1. FREE additional suggestions list

In addition to the "essential" files that come pre-printed on every binder set, each customer also gets a free additional file suggestions list with their purchase. It's a well-researched, highly detailed list of over 50 other common files that may apply to you and your family. Use it while completing your binder set to help refresh your memory and ensure that nothing is overlooked!

2. FREE binder printables

Not to blow our own horn, but this is a big deal. Soon after purchase, every List & File customer (who accepts our emails) automatically receives an amazing email - a surprise delivery of our first-ever PCS binder printables set! This 12-page PDF contains several info-packed, high quality content lists to help you flesh out your binder even further. A File Lifespan Guide, Evacuation/Communication Plan, and Warranty Tracker are just a few of the pages we include to make this resource well worth your time and printer ink. Make sure you're on our email list during checkout to avoid missing out on these - and future - valuable gifts!

3. FREE matching cover sheets

Socks, furniture, eyebrows - so many things in life we try to match. Luckily, your List & File binder set can be one of them. Now introducing matching cover sheets! (*Insert jazz hands!*) As of our FW20 Collection Launch, customers and non-customers alike can download and print, for free, a PCS binder cover sheet. Download one, download them all - we care not. They're yours! This was one of the most requested features from you, our customers, and we totally loved the idea. Now your beautiful binder set has its beautiful other half, matching or not. UPDATE: Matching cover sheets not currently available.

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