Your PCS Binder Printables - Highlights!

Did you know you can have access to a multi-list, info-packed, quality PCS Binder Printables set? As a customer, this list is sent to you shortly after your purchase of a List & File binder set. We highly recommend taking advantage of it. You'll find valuable information that helps track and manage your vital documents in ways you may not have before!


File Lifespan Guide - The first resource in your Life Binder Printables set, the File Lifespan Guide is a unique one! Make sure you keep your files long enough, but don't keep them longer than necessary. The File Lifespan Guide shares the standard lifespan for each of the pre-printed "essential" documents to help you cycle through each in a timely manner. No one wants or needs an overstuffed, dated binder - this guide will help you refresh and keep it relevant.

Note that this document does not constitute legal advice. Always check with the document's author if you're unsure whether to discard.

72-Hour Kit Checklists - There are plenty of 72-hour kit checklists out there to choose from, and you're obviously free to use another. We wanted to give families an accessible, very thorough option to fill out their "Emergency" tab and reduce the amount of personal research needed to complete it. Having a 72-hour kit prepared - even a minimal one - can make a world of difference in an emergency, and emergencies happen.

Start your kit TODAY using this checklist. Information based on official recommendations from

Medication List - Don't go off memory. Have a list of your medications written down for other family members to access if you aren't present or able to assist. The list tracks medication name, dosage, prescribing doctor (if applicable), date prescribed, side effects, and instructions. Keep this list up-to-date and bring it with you to doctor appointments, on vacation, and even keep in the car with you during a PCS (along with your binder!)

If you have serious health concerns, consider laminating a copy of this list and keeping it in your 72-hour or first aid kit, as well as a copy in your car.

Warranty Tracker - We discuss the importance of tracking warranty information in an earlier blog post; you'll want to have this information handy, especially during a PCS move. Track the Warranty/Serial/Model #, purchase date, warranty expiration date, and more. The tracker even leaves space to indicate whether a user manual is available and whether you have the original purchase receipt.


These lists - and more - are available and sent automatically to every customer. Shop our binder sets today and get yours now!

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